The “New” plants you will find at the Garden Center in 2015

Spring is still a few months away in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but that has not stopped growers from talking about the new plant material they will be delivering to garden centers this year.  These are some of the “New” plants that will be on the market.  Perhaps one or more of them will find a home in your garden.

Monrovia – 2015 New Releases

Proven Winners – 2015 New Releases

Proven Winners is bringing out over 100 new plants.  These are some of our favorites.  You can see a complete list here.

Star Roses and Plants – 2015 Release

Wave Petunias – 2015 Release

Wave is marketing a new series called “Easy Wave Velours” including Berry Velour, Burgundy Velour,  and Red Velour.  You can find pictures here.

This is far from a complete list.  Every year hundreds of new plants, hybrids and varsities are brought to market. What “New Releases” are you looking forward to planting this season?


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