Does anyone know the name of this (plant)?

I recently saw this post on  They have a “Mystery Plant” gallery designed to help gardeners find the names of plants. Registered members of the website can upload pictures of the plants they need help identifying.  These pictures are then visible to everyone that visits

Name this plant

Description of the “Mystery Plant” gallery on

There are many reasons why gardeners–even seasoned ones–need help identifying a plant now and then. Maybe you inherited a garden during a move to a new home, received an unknown division from a friend, found a random volunteer in the corner of a bed, or lost plant tag. Maybe you knew once, and now you just can’t remember.

Luckily, Fine Gardening readers are here to help you ID unknown plants in your garden.

All of the reasons lists for using the “Mystery Plant” gallery have to do with plants you already own.  I think they are missing another common problem faced by gardeners – the name of that must have plant they saw in someone’s garden during there travels around their local community, or further from home.  Solving this problem is often not as simple as knocking on someone’s door.  The plant in question might have been planted by a previous home owner, or a landscaping company. Or maybe you are not the type of person that likes to talk to complete strangers.  Regardless, taking a picture of the plant in question, and uploading to the “Mystery Plant” gallery might solve half of your problem – the name of the plant.  But not the other half – where you can buy it locally.

Use the Big Brain

Tools like the ‘Mystery Plant” gallery are what the internet is all about.  Bringing together people with similar interests regardless of their physical proximity to one another.  Chances are someone who can identify this plant will eventually notice this post, and take the time to respond, but then again, they might not.  You are relying on the goodness of strangers.

Looking at this another way.  Had this question been directed to a retailer in close proximity to this gardener, chances are they would have gotten a faster response.  Why?  Because there is a financial incentive for the retailer to establish contact with potential customers.  That is to say, gardeners that are within driving distance of their business.



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