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Introducing Plantola Mobile Ads for Business

We want Plantola to be a place where gardeners, garden centres, and other garden related businesses can come together.  Our top priority has been to make it easier for garden centres, and other suppliers of live plant material to feature their plants on our iPhone App.  The launch of Plantola Mobile Ads for Business is the first step towards that goal.

Plantola Mobile Ads for Business

What is unique?

  • Highly visible, imaged-based ads with full content controls.
  • Native advertising platform built specifically for the needs of the garden industry.
  • Geo-targeted.  Reach only those audiences that matter – national, regional or local.
  • Proprietary, app-based advertising platform that is not impacted by ad-blocking software.

Who can Benefit?

Plantola Mobile Ads for Business has been designed specifically for garden centres, and green-industry brands that want to connect with passionate gardeners in specific markets.  The Plantola iPhone App and Plantola Ads for Business is currently available in Canada.

  • Bringing in a new line of perennials this Spring?
  • Is the deadline for seed orders fast approaching?
  • Are you organizing a plant sale or garden show?

Plantola Mobile Ads for Business can help you connect with gardeners, and deliver your message where and when it will be most effective.

Why Mobile Ads?

Because digital marketing in increasingly mobile marketing.

  • 60% of peoples digital media time is now spent on mobile devices (source)
  • 70% of mobile phone owners have smartphones (source)
  • 85% of the time people use smartphones is spent using mobile apps (source)
  • Ads on mobile apps perform 2x better than those on mobile web (source)

Getting started with mobile advertising is simple with Plantola Mobile Ads for Business.

Please contact us for more information.

About Plantola

Plantola makes it easy to catalog and share your garden with friends and businesses, like your landscaper, or local garden center. Like the look of that tree down the street? Take a picture and share it with your plant guy. Captivated by the rose growing in your friend’s garden? Look it up while you are at the garden center. Plantola lets gardeners spend more time in the garden, and less time looking for plants.  For more information visit

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