Monthly Archive for September, 2014

The Plantola Mission – More plants, in more places, cared for by more people.

As we get closer and closer to releasing the first version of Plantola I have been thinking a lot lately about what we stand for and the problems we are trying to solve. Do you need a mission statement to build a mobile app? Probably not, but the app is just a means to and end. Apps will probably look a lot different 10 years from now, they might not even be called Apps, but the principles that guide this project will remain the same, and influence every decision we make in the weeks, months and (knock on wood), years to come.

So what is the mission?

We want there to be more plants in the world, growing in more places, and planted and cared for by more people. “More plants, in more places, cared for by more people”

More Plants

We are not just talking quantity here, we are also talking diversity. Gardeners and home owners can play an important role in safeguarding the genetic diversity of the plant world by planting a diverse variety of plants, including native species in their gardens, yards and communities.

More Places

There is literally a plant for every space. There is such a diversity of plant material in the world, adapted to every conceivable soil condition and micro climate, that almost any space can be green. There are so many positives of a world full of plants that we would be foolish not to have plants everywhere.

More People

Forests don’t plant themselves, well at least after you have cleared them and built a subdivision. There is only so much governments can do to green our communities, everyone can play a part, starting with something as small as replacing part of their lawn with a pollinator garden, or watering a tree planted in a public space.



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