Monthly Archive for June, 2014

Are there any REAL gardeners left?

We have been talking about Plantola with many different industry insiders since launching our Private Beta. One observation many people have made is that Plantola seems to be targeted at gardeners, and that the number of gardeners is decreasing. While there is no consensus on what a “gardener” is the description usually has something to do with having a deep knowledge of plants and how to grow them. Much better to focus on people that want to decorate, as that segment of the market is believed to be growing. When I first got this feedback I was confused. Can you have a garden and not been a gardener? Can you buy a plant because it looks good beside your outdoor couch? Sure, why not? Regardless of how you get started with plants, once they get a hold of you they are difficult to leave behind. That does not mean everyone is going to go off the deep end and become the world’s foremost expert of toad lilies, or feed their entire family with the produce they grow in there front yard. More often than not that need to decorate tends to fade over time and in its place grows a true appreciation of the natural world, and the wonder of plants. Not everyone is a gardener, but almost anyone could be. I guess that is my point.