Monthly Archive for February, 2014

Rabbits … oh how I hate thee!

Rabbit in Snow

Winter has been going pretty well here in Southern, Ontario. It has been consistently cold, and we have more snow on the ground than we have had in years.  I thought my garden was well protected under a deep blanket of insulating snow.  Unfortunately, deep snow is no match for rabbits.  They seem to have a knack for finding edible plants, trees and shrubs, or maybe they have a picture of my garden, regardless they have caused quite a bit of damage, some catastrophic.  Some plants, namely deciduous rhododendrons, will no doubt need to be replaced.  Others are looking at years of rehabilitation, and careful pruning.

This year’s “Winter” damage is going to be extensive, in large part due to rabbits, but also frost, wind, and a somewhat unusual ice storm earlier in the season. That got me thinking about the reasons why people might want to catalog their garden.  HINT – it is not all about the flowers.

In some cases cataloging “damage” or “opportunity” might be as useful as cataloging “beauty” or “success”. In other words, knowing what needs replacing and why is good information to have when you are at the garden center.  Who wants to replace a plant rabbits like to eat with another tasty specimen? I certainly do not, especially after this Winter.