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Gardeners aged 25-34 spend more money

Growing Money

According to UK-based garden products manufacturer – Stewart, gardeners (in the UK) aged 25-34 spend more than those in the higher age groups. Average annual spending of £300 (USD 465) per person compared to the £240 (USD 372) per year per person spent by 35-54 year olds and £200 (USD 310) by those aged 55 and over.

These research findings were published in a press release issued by Stewart on August 19th.

Not surprisingly, the company-initiated study also found an “increasing preference for lightweight plastic planters – such as those manufactured by Stewart Garden – compared to planting directly into the ground.” This finding was attributed to the “limited outdoor space” available to younger gardeners, probably because they are more likely to live in rented apartments, condos and small homes.

The study also found that the “Under 35s” use the internet to research products and get new ideas and have a good idea of what they need when they arrive to shop at garden center. Something garden centers and plant sellers should keep in mind when trying to get their products and promotions in front of gardeners in this demographic.

You can read the full press release here.