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MyLowe’s tells me what flowers I like to plant

Lowe’s has been running a series of television commercials lately to draw attention to their MyLowe’s service, which among other things, gives Lowes’s customers access to their purchase history. Pretty simple concept – making a customer’s purchase history available to the customer, but great value add.

Purchases often inform other purchases, for example …

  • When you want to purchase the same thing again (like the annuals discussed in the commercial below),
  • When you purchase a part or accessory (like fertilizer for said annuals),
  • Or when you purchases a companion product (like a nice shrub to plant beside those annuals)

People are creatures of habit, even in the garden. Once you find plants you like (and that like you, and where you put them), you tend to buy them year after year.

Bravo to Lowe’s for recognizing the value of selling customer data to customers, and how that information can make gardening a little easier.  I wonder how long before other national retailers, and large independent garden centers offer similar services.


MyLowe’s Commercial “Annuals”