Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Why do Gardeners take pictures of plants?

We recently conducted an online poll to validate some of the features we are incorporating into Plantola. Photo sharing is a big part of our App, so we included several questions on the subject.  The results were very interesting.


Question – “Do you take pictures of your garden?”

According to the 171 gardeners that responded, more than 80% said yes, they do take pictures of their gardens.

Do gardeners take pictures of their gardens?


Question – “Why do you take pictures of your garden?”

We asked a follow-up question to understand what motivates gardeners to take pictures.  According to the 171 gardeners that responded, approximately 50% took pictures of their gardens to share them with friends.  By comparison, 30% of gardeners took pictures to keep a record of the plants in their gardens, and 3% to help them decide what plants to purchase.

Some of the free form responses we received …

  • “For myself, to see progress, I like photos.”
  • “For the memories.”
  • “I like to see how they change over time.”
  • “If a plant looks awesome.”
  • “Sentimental memories, references for art.”
  • “To celebrate the garden!”

How do people share plant pics?

The next survey we run will explore how gardeners share the pictures they take. Do they pass around their smart phones or digital cameras, attach them to emails, or push them out through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook?  We would definitely like to know.  We are also interested in knowing how to make sharing plant pictures better.  What works, and what needs improvement.

I for one would like to add some information to the pictures I take, especially the plants in my own garden, like the location of the plant, and where it was sourced.  Being able to filter my photos by these tags would be a bonus.

Please share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.