Monthly Archive for April, 2013

All gardens have walls

Garden Wall

Anyone that follows the tech industry is likely familiar with the concept of the “walled garden”. This term is used to describe software environments that make it difficult to share information beyond the confines of the system. Facebook and the Apple App Store are often held up as examples of walled gardens. So what does this have to do with gardening? Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago Plantola participated in a pitch competition organized by Ace Financial Services.  We had to tell our story to a panel of judges in less than 5 minutes. Believe me, nothing focuses the mind like a strict time limit. In the process of developing our pitch I gained a new perspective about the problem we are trying to solve. Plantola is about unlocking all of the knowledge that in manifest in your garden.

Opening the gate

I have been working on my garden for more than 5 years now.  In that time I have purchased countless numbers of plants from many different sources, some several hundred miles away from my home. Over time I have learned what will grow well in my garden, and what should be avoided, within the constraints of my interests, and the characteristics of my yard.

My garden represents everything I have learned about plants, information that would be of value to other gardeners in my area, and beyond.  Unfortunately, all of this information is locked up in my backyard. Plantola is about opening the gate to your garden and sharing what you have learned about growing plants with your peers, your community, and maybe even the world.

As long as there are rabbits gardens will always have walls or fences, but in the digital age their is no need to let physical barriers prevent the free flow of information. Plantola is about increasingly transparency, and by doing so, we hope to bring more enjoyment to gardeners, and more business to retailers.